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Posted on Sun 22 Mar 2015

Mark Olson The Errigle Inn, Belfast on Thursday 16 April 2015

Posted on Thu 19 Mar 2015

Andy White with Rod McVey

Belfast born & raised singer-songwriter and author Andy White carries a 12-string guitar under his arm and wears his particular brand of charm on his sleeve. With the political edge of Billy Bragg, the romance of David Gray and the Celtic lyricism of the Waterboys. Andy now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Andy is a fully paid up 21st Century Troubadour (and that’s the title of his journal-memoir published by Lagan Press in Ireland and last year’s ‘album of the book’ compilation on his UK label, Floating World).

Belfast born and raised, now living in Melbourne, White has earned a global following for blending folk and pop stylings with a poet’s sensibility. Working with the great names of Irish music - Sinead O’Connor, Donal Lunny, Van Morrison - and writing with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Neil and Tim Finn, Andy has won Ireland’s top songwriting awards and toured the world many times over.

Since his first album Rave On Andy White, recorded in a field in Northern Ireland, Andy has been produced by top producers John Leckie and Kim Fowley, recorded in studios from Real World in the UK to Australia and Canada, along the way writing many songs engrained in his homeland’s psyche – including ‘Religious Persuasion’, ‘James Joyce’s Grave’ and ‘Street Scenes From My Heart’.

Andy’s latest release is his eleventh studio album How Things Are. Recorded in The Growlery, Melbourne, with son Sebastian on drums, it’s an intensely personal collection of songs both celebrating and commemorating the end of a beautiful relationship which started around the time his fourth album.

Andy’s work and life have always been interconnected - his autobiography is in his discography, and the latest one is an apotheosis of sorts. He says he wrote the songs in an intense period of reflection, to answer the oft-posed question “How are things?”

Andy’s work as a writer and poet is closely linked to his songwriting output. He’s been described as writing in the tradition of the Spanish troubadour poets and the Beats, yet he retains a strong classical sensibility. Stolen Moments is his most recent volume, published by Brisbane publisher Another Lost Shark Press in 2011.

As a performer, as well as playing solo, Andy has collaborated with like-minded friends, musicians and writers both in the past – ALT with Liam O Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers) and Tim Finn (Crowded House, Split Enz) – and the present – Fearing & White with Canadian singer-songwriter Stephen Fearing.

Andy is a singer-songwriter of and for our times, documenting the world and its current chaos and beauty with remarkable insight. As he says in ‘I Decided To Fly’, wherever he is, with an acoustic guitar in his hand, he’s still “blowing bubbles on the Lisburn Road.”

Posted on Thu 26 Feb 2015

Mary Gauthier Festival Marquee, Belfast on Sunday 10 May 2015

In association with Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Adopted child, teen runaway, addict, convict—instead of wearing her many pasts on her sleeve, Mary Gauthier wears them sewn into her songs like trophies from battles mainly lost. 

Now deep into her second decade of spinning dark poetry into lyrics that are three parts autobiography, two parts short story, and five parts brutal candour, Gauthier has rightfully taken her place alongside America’s premier songwriters.

While the sentiments may be stark, they are beautifully disrobed, and the musical phrasing provides gentle relief. Listening to Gauthier perform is like finding hidden gems in a vintage clothing store. 

We are delighted to welcome Mary back to CQAF with her new album Trouble & Love, one of the wisest testaments of broken-heartedness an Americana singer-songwriter has ever committed to tape

“To be affected by these songs, you don’t have to know anything of Gauthier’s backstory (Louisiana orphan addict chef turned sober troubadour), the respect she commands across gender lines in the Americana scene, or the heavyweight catalog she’s built out of unflinching introspection and Southern Gothic-shaded storytelling.” NPR Music
“Every tune is a rough gem of melody, misery and economy, as Gauthier excavates romantic wreckage like an archaeologist telling the story of a fossilized love.” Rolling Stone

“…her razor-sharp eye for detail and her commitment to unsentimental self-reflection puts her in a class with greats such as Kris Kristofferson, John Prine and yes, Bob Dylan.” Los Angeles Times