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Gigs   what's on at the Real Music Club

Posted on Thu 23 Oct 2014

Martyn Joseph

The Errigle Inn, Belfast on Thursday 6 November 2014
Doors Open at 8:00PM
Starts at 8:45PM
Ticket Price: £15.00

Posted on Mon 20 Oct 2014

Ana's Mitchell Black Box Belfast 5 November

Ana's Mitchell is first and foremost a storyteller. As a Vermont- and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Mitchell recorded for Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe Records for several years before starting her own Wilderland label in 2012. Among her recorded work are four full-length albums, including 2010s sensationally-reviewed Hadestown- a folk opera based on the Orpheus myth and 2012s Young Man in America, which was described by the UK's Independent as 'an epic tale of American becoming'. Mitchell has headlined solo and band performances worldwide as well as supporting tours for artists like Bon Iver, Ani Difranco, and the Low Anthem (all of whom appear as guest singers on Hadestown). At the moment, she's touring with friend and collaborator Jefferson Hamer in support of Child Ballads, a co-arranged collection of traditional Celtic and British Isles ballads. If there's a common thread in Mitchell's work from her earliest acoustic records, to the opera, to this new chapter - it's that she's as interested in the world around her as the one inside her. She has a way of tackling big themes with the same emotional intimacy most artists use to describe their inner lives. "That's why", as one journalist put it, "there's a sexual ambiguity about her work and why, even in her most intimate moments, she never sounds like a confessional songwriter."

Posted on Sun 19 Oct 2014

The Mastersons

The Errigle Inn, Belfast on Thursday 30 October 2014
Doors Open at 8:00PM
Starts at 8:45PM
Ticket Price: £12.00