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Gigs   what's on at the Real Music Club

Posted on Tue 16 Sep 2014

Kevin & Dustin Welch at The Errigle Inn

Thursday 25 September 2014
Doors Open at 8:00PM
Starts at 8:45PM
Ticket Price: £12.00

Posted on Sat 23 Aug 2014

Ben Glover at Flowerfield Arts Centre & The Ulster Museum

Album release show for Ben's new record "Atlantic" that will be released worldwide on 1st September. The record was recorded in his family holiday home in Donegal.

“It was a very stripped down, very honest way to bring these songs to life. I wanted to record in the most personal way possible so it was perfect to make this album with four of my closest friends in the house I spent a lot of time growing up in. I wanted there to be as little as possible between me and the songs and that’s why we recorded it live and raw. This intimacy also gives the listener a chance to really feel the music and the intent of each song without unnecessary layers. We just set up in a circle in the living room, lit a turf fire, opened some Bushmills whiskey and pressed record. It felt just like all the sessions I grew up playing in that house over years. The Atlantic Ocean is what we looked out on everyday while we made the album and without a doubt its presence and the rugged landscape of Donegal is huge on these recordings.”

The result of this homecoming is Atlantic and is easily Ben’s finest record. Atlantic deals with many themes - place, growth, pain, love, faith, sin, redemption and ultimately homecoming. It’s not only the recording that was personal - the songs, which Ben found deep within himself, were stripped of pretense and calculation and clearly are those of an artist who has something meaningful to say. 

Whether it’s examining how the choices we make affect our fate in “Oh Soul” written with Mary Gauthier, or the haunting gothic murder ballad “Blackbirds“ co-written with and featuring Gretchen Peters, or the angst filled “Too Long Gone,” these songs are evidence of a writer and a singer who has found his voice.